Angus Kittler Reid
Here are some of my links, consolidated onto a single page. This will eventually become more of a personal website, while the main webpage will remain the home for Nature of the Beast Productions and my films.

Nature of the Beast Productions- my low-budget film production company.

Hacking- Minneapolis Storm Sewer

Hacking- St. Paul Caves

Hacking- Island Station Power Plant Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Video covers- When I lived in St. Paul, I often produced key and cover art for the video productions I worked on.

Hoch Family Reunion- a few years ago I went to a reunion for the Hoch/Saylor family, from whom I'm descended on my father's side. My Great-great-grandfather was Governor of Kansas!

George Lucas rant- something I wrote and posted after Lucas announced the further alterations he was making to the Star Wars trilogy for the 2004 DVD release.

My apartment in Japan- for those who are interested.

Medicine Wheel- the webpage I designed for a film by Kristi Wheeler and Terry Grant, for which I also designed the cover art.

Life Gestures- a dance film I shot, edited, and co-directed with Becky Heist, in which we both also appeared as dancers. The score was produced by the Macalester New Music Ensemble. It came out really well.

Not Another Hollywood Film- website of my friend, director Trent Tooley, whose Medallion Hunt Film "No Time for Cold Feet" I was Assistant Director on. I also served as 'Chief Executive in Charge of Snow', a credit which I consider to be quite a feather in my cap.

I am presently best reachable through e-mail.
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